Addmotor SOLETRI M-366X Trike

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One E-Trike, Double Fun

SOLETRI M-366X is a 2-seater electric trike based on M-66X, with full suspension, banana seat, and wooden footrest, all of which combine to offer a smooth and comfortable ride for your family.

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Introducing the AddMotor SOLETRI M-366X Electric Trike, your ultimate adventure companion! This full suspension electric trike is designed for two adults, offering unparalleled stability and comfort on your journeys.

With its step-thru bike frame, the SOLETRI M-366X ensures easy and accessible riding for riders of all ages. The innovative three-wheel design provides ample space for a rear basket behind two riders, perfect for carrying your essentials wherever you go.

Experience a smooth and stable ride with the M-366X’s full suspension system, expertly crafted to absorb bumps and shocks encountered on the road. Equipped with AddMotor’s latest EB 2.0 electrical system, this electric trike offers reliable performance and effortless riding.

Safety is paramount with the M-366X, featuring parking brakes to ensure secure stops whenever needed. Whether you’re embarking on leisurely rides or urban adventures, the AddMotor SOLETRI M-366X is the ultimate choice for your next excursion.