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1.      INSURANCE: Contact your homeowner’s or rental insurance and ask about insuring your new ebike. If they cost more than $100 per year or don’t insure ebikes. See below:
2.      OTHER INSURANCE OPTIONS: If you’re deductible is high ($500 or so), then consider getting a separate policy for your new ebike, below are two options: one is local (great prices), and the other an online company:
a)      LOCAL: State Farm, Hunter Stevens. Hunter quoted us around $200+ a year with zero deductible for a bike around $2000. So they are the least expensive, and you’d be supporting a local business ? their number is 941-800-4467, and their address is 828 Pinebrook Rd., in Venice.
b)      MARKEL INSURANCE COMPANY: Markel insures ebikes for around $100 per year. You can find them at www.markelinsurance.com or call them at 855-591-9793.
3.      REGISTRATION: Register your ebike immediately with the following:
a)      BIKE MAKER: The company that made your ebike (Magnum, Emojo, Retrospec, etc.). Gazelle does not have a USA registry. Please take a photo of the SERIAL number at the bottom/base of your bike frame and save it.
b)      POLICE: Venice PD suggested new ebike owners visit their office to register their electric bikes with them. Make sure you have your serial number, make, and model.
4.      PHOTO: Take a picture of your new ebike’s SERAL number.
5.      LOCK: Get a good lock and ALWAYS use it. Never say “Oh I’ll just be gone two minutes!” Use your lock!
6.      ALARM: Big Bam now carries a very handy AND loud alarm to put on your bike. When it is activated, if someone touches it, it will make a very loud sound that should scare most thieves!
7.      iPHONES: Apple Air Tag $29. You can buy a “GPS” tracker for your ebike online (Amazon/Apple), and it’s only a one-time cost. You can track your ebike via your iPhone.  For ANDROID phones, I believe the brand is TILE MATE (also online).
8.      Never lock with just a cable. Cables can be cut with ease.
9.      Lock your bike in a high-visibility area, not a dark alley.
10.   Bring it inside. Never leave your bike locked up on the street overnight.
11.   Take extra precautions if you lock in the same visible place every day – i.e. outside your work. Thieves will notice and hatch a plan. Invest in the best locks, and double up on locks where possible. But remember, locks only buy you time, they can all be cut (by serious thieves). So keep an eye on your ebike as much as you can!
12.   Lock up at home, even in your garage.

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